Building Process

How Does Building A New Home Work?


  • This is where we meet with you and learn all about what you want in your new home and what kind of a budget you are working with.
  • If you have your own floor plans in mind or need someone to put your ideas on paper for a custom designed plan, we can sit down and talk about options to make sure what you have imagined will work. We are restricted by the size of the lot and the required minimum side yards and setbacks for the home.
  • If you’re not quite sure what kind of a floor plan you want, we can show you some of our customer inspired plans and photos. This can be a starting point for your unique design.


  • Picking the lot is one of the first things we discuss because the plan you choose or have designed will have to be drawn to suit the lot.
  • Once you’ve picked out the lot you want, we ask for a $20,000 refundable deposit to hold the lot while we start working on the preliminary plans for pricing with you. If we can’t negotiate a contract, we will refund the deposit less the cost of the preliminary plans.


  • Once you have decided on the lot along with the size and lay-out of your new home, we meet with professional designers who make your preliminary floor plan come to life.


  • With the preliminary plans drawn up, we work with you to design your personalized new home specifications that detail all of the items on your plan that you would like to include in the build so we can price it out. We work with our team of professional sub-trades and suppliers to provide you with the best products for the best price. 
  • Being a custom builder means that we build it to suit your budget and needs. Based on your choices, we give you realistic allowances for cabinets, flooring, appliances, lighting, driveways, etc.. These allowances are like cash back to you if you don’t use them all. Meaning if you get a deal on flooring but go over on cabinets, that allowance can be used wherever needed and adjusted on the final statement.  You are in control of your budget at all times.


  • If you accept our quote and are ready to build, we sign a contract and require a minimum down payment of 10% of the contract price (less the deposit already received for the lot).
  • Emerald Park Homes finances the build “on approved credit” right up to possession day, saving our customers hundreds of dollars required by the banks for interim financing.


  • Once the contract is signed, we finalize our material orders to hold the prices for your new build to make sure there are no increases. To prepare for construction, the designers draw the final, sealed set of plans that calculate the energy code requirements required for the construction permits.


  • Build time is anywhere from 8 to 14 months depending on many factors such as the complexity of the home, the availability of materials and trades, start time (winter or summer), and of course, weather. 
  • Due to all the planning and preparation we have done together to get to this point, the construction process can be exciting and stress free.
  • Throughout construction, we will do several walk-throughs of the home together with you; and our sub-trades.  We will meet regularly to discuss the progress and answer any questions you may have.


  • Possession day is one of our favorite days! We get to hand you the keys to your new home, and go over how to work and maintain everything.
  • Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. We’re here for you after move in day to answer any questions you might have and provide you with the highest level of after purchase service and care. It’s time for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your lovely new home.

Interested In Building A Custom Home?

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