How to Factor Your Pets into Your New Home Build

We know how much our customers love their pets, that’s why when we talk about their new custom designed home it’s one of the first things that we ask when we are discussing floor plans. Some of the ways we’ve found to design your home to be pet friendly are:

1) Choose Durable Flooring

One of the most popular products for families with pets is the luxury vinyl flooring because it is so durable and easy to clean. Vinyl flooring is also water resistant making it a great choice for foyers, bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens.  We always recommend that families with pets try to avoid hardwood flooring that dents and scratches easily, especially with pets scurrying around on it.

Best of all, these vinyl tiles and planks have a more affordable price point to purchase the products and unlike tiles, they don’t require an extra subfloor under it or labour and material to be installed with grout. When you put in ceramic or porcelain tile, you often want in-floor heat mats to make the tiles warmer but vinyl tile doesn’t require heat mats thus saving money for the same effect.

There are many vinyl plank and vinyl tile design options to choose from with various textures and colours available.  They can mimic both the look of real wood, real stone or real tile products giving you the option to put the hardwood look in the formal areas and tile or stone look in bathrooms. They also have the additional benefit of keeping your pets cooler in the warmer months compared to carpet flooring.

2) Include An Area For Your Pets in Your Floor Plan

Including an area for your pets when you’re designing your floor plan is always a smart idea if you like to keep your home feeling organized. When we designed our show home at 19 Emerald Hill Drive, we had fur babies in mind when we enlarged the mudroom / laundry room to allow for a private space for pets to be comfortable while their owners are away. We put in hooks for leashes; an open bench for storage of small kennels and a covered and screened deck where they can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine in an outdoor setting.  

3) Add a Space To Bathe Your Pets

This one is for the serious pet parents out there who are looking for a way to keep everything clean and tidy. In several builds, we have custom designed a tiled dog wash either in the mudroom or the garage if it is heated. Cleaning your pooch has never been easier, and best of all you get to keep the dirt and muck out of your bathtub!

4) Minimize The Clutter

A great way to help minimize the pet clutter in your home is to keep the kitchen free and clear of food and water bowls. A nice way to keep those tucked away is to incorporate them into your pet space area in the mudroom, or have them built into a kick.

5) Give Your Pets The Ultimate Play Zone

Your pets are going to need a space where they can play and run around safely, and that’s often something our customers have in mind when they select their lot to build their home. Opting for lots that have larger back yards or are closer to parks and green space/pathways is a great way to make sure that your pet has the room they need!

For more tips and tricks when it comes to designing your new, custom designed home, check out our blog!

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