Ways it Pays to Work with a Builder

whys it pays to work with a builder with emerald park homes custom home builder regina and area

  1. Build to YOUR budget – Determine how much you would like to spend, and build a home within your budget.
  2. Get what’s important to YOU – Prioritize what’s most important to you now and what you can upgrade later on if need be. For example: is it more important to you to have hardwood and tile flooring throughout? Or that extra square footage you could get with the money instead? Flooring can always be upgraded in the future if you decide you still want it. But it’s going to be a lot harder and more expensive to add that extra space later.
  3. Get ALL the features YOU want – Add features to your home that are the most important and practical for you and your family. For example: if you want granite counter tops in your kitchen then it’s totally worth it. But if you don’t have any desire to have granite counter tops and you buy a home that has them in it, you’re still paying for them in the listing price. When you build a new home, you have the freedom to only put the features in your home that you see the value in.
  4. No deal breakers – Get everything you want in a home right from the start. You won’t find yourself saying “this house would be perfect, if it had this”.
  5. Finance the build – If you’re lucky enough to find an established builder to work with, all you need is a down payment to get started and you don’t pay until possession day when you get the keys to your new home.
  6. Select a location that best suits YOUR lifestyle – One of the nicest things about building a new home is that you pick out the lot you want. You pick the location you want based on what’s important to you. If you find a lot that you absolutely love, your home can be built to suit it. Or, if you’ve got a floor plan in mind for your house, you can find a lot that will work for that plan.
  7. Expert advice – An experienced builder can offer you tons of advice about your home. They can recommend a good lawyer, mortgage consultant, bank, information on neighbourhoods, schools, house plans. Whatever you need they’ve got you covered!
  8. Peace of mind – If you go through a builder that offers more than just the standard city required inspections, you can sit back and relax knowing your home is built right. Holmes Approved Home Builders have your home inspected by third party inspectors at key stages of construction. This ensures your home is being built above and beyond the standard building code. These inspectors test for things such as energy efficiency, quality design, structural integrity, best building practices, and more! Not only do these inspections offer you peace of mind, but the certificates also increase your home’s resale value should you ever decide to sell.
  9. Examples of their work – A lot of builders will have show homes or model homes that you can walk through and get an idea of their quality and craftsmanship. It also allows you to see what kind of features come standard in their homes and what is an extra or upgraded cost.
  10. Easy to reach – Unlike a realtor where if they don’t answer their phone you’re outta luck, most builders have regular office hours. So they’re easy to get a hold of when you need to talk to them. Often times builders will set up appointments outside of regular office hours on evenings or weekends to accommodate their client.
  11. Innovative new home designs – Your home will be built brand new using the latest and greatest innovative building techniques to make it more cost effective, energy efficient, and better quality.
  12. Warranty – When you build with a builder, your home is covered under a new home warranty program to ensure that any unexpected unpleasantry’s are resolved.
  13. Quality – Know exactly what you’re getting behind the walls from the inspection reports and certifications to seeing it being built from the ground up. A kind of peace of mind that only working with a builder can offer you.
  14. Relationships – Form a relationship with the builder that continues even after your home is built. Feel confident in knowing your builder is always there for you to answer any questions or concerns you might have about your home.
  15. One on one – Work one on one with the builder every step of the way to ensure the end result is exactly what you are hoping for.
  16. Energy efficiency – Did you know that your home can be built to be as energy efficient as you want it to be? It just depends on how much you are wanting to spend up front to save money later.
  17. Cost vs. time – Save yourself some time by building a new home rather than buying used and renovating an older home to get it to where you want it. While there’s no PST charged on the purchase of a used home, there is PST on all labour and materials that go into renovation.
  18. No unexpected costs – Enjoy not having to worry about those unexpected costs that come up when you purchase an older home and have to fix or replace different parts of it all the time. With a new home, should anything unexpectedly go wrong, there’s a warranty for it!
  19. Sit back and relax – Granted, planning your build can be stressful. But think of it this way; once you get through moving and unpacking you’re done!
  20. Reviews – You have the advantage of being able to look up plenty of reviews and testimonials on the builder before you sign the contract. So that you can make sure the builder you choose is a good match for you.
  21. Choices – You have endless possibilities available to you to choose from in terms of materials and products to use in your home to suit your unique wants and needs.
  22. Time – Building new offers you the gift of time if you are trying to sell your old property before you move in. There’s none of that ‘sell your house and only have a month to pack up all your things and find a new place to live’ kind of thing. It also gives you time to counter and decline offers until you get the right one.
  23. Multiple walk throughs – Walk through your home numerous times with the builder throughout the different stages of the build to make sure nothing is missed. It also allows you to make changes if you see it in person and decide you’d like to tweek it a little bit.
  24. It’s completely YOURS – Your home is completely unique to you and your family. No one else has the same house as you. Which makes it extra rewarding when you finally see your design ideas come to life!


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