How does the process of selecting and designing plans work?

There are two ways of going about this. 1) Our customers can select their new home from pre-designed plans and make a few changes to customize them, or 2) Our customers can make use of our custom design program and start from scratch. Each option has distinct advantages.

  1. Pre-designed homes, in which you choose a plan that has already been drawn up, offers the convenience of being able to look through pre-drawn plans at our office as well as see photos of what the finished result would look like. Our customers are able to then take these pre drawn plans and work with a designer to make minor changes and adjustments to in order to suit their unique needs and lifestyle.
  2. The custom design program affords our customers the opportunity to build a home completely from scratch to meet their specific requirements. With guidance from our designers, homes are ensured to fit tastefully within the neighbourhood, while allowing our customers to shape the design according to their own specific needs and desires.

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