What kind of after sales service is included?

By selecting Emerald Park Homes, clients are guaranteed a total commitment to service and quality construction, regardless of location, style or size of home. Every year since our formation over 27 years ago, the Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program has awarded Emerald Park Homes with an Award for excellent customer service.

Although everyone one of our homes undergoes several quality control inspections throughout various stages of construction, by the builder, site supervisors, a municipal inspector and the Holmes Approved Home Program Inspector, the customer may encounter the odd problem that is noticed after the home is occupied.

Our policy is to correct such problems as soon as possible. Of course, we do our best to minimize any disturbance or disruption to our customer’s daily routine as a result of service work.  The true test of quality for any home is how it stands up over the years.

All our homes are covered under the Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program which offers deposit coverage, one year workmanship and materials coverage, two year water penetration coverage, and ten year major structural defects coverage.

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