Why should I choose Emerald Park Homes?

At Emerald Park Homes, it’s the quality and craftsmanship of our homes that truly sets us apart. We pride ourselves on the high quality materials and building practices that we use to build our homes above and beyond the minimum standard building code.

We are not the cheapest builder and we don’t try to be. We focus on the quality of your home from the ground up, so that you can rest assured your home is built right behind the walls. We do so by working with only the best, skilled professionals and quality suppliers who have years of experience.

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Where do you build?

We build in Regina and surrounding areas within a 100 km radius. We have a variety of hand picked lots available for your new build, or we can build on your own lot, farm, or acreage. If your desired neighbourhood or area is not listed under our lots available section, get in touch with us and we would be happy to look into it and let you know the lots available in that area.

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What is your average price per square foot?

As a custom home builder, it is difficult to price homes according to a square foot basis because a custom home has many unique features, products and workmanship that vary depending on the plan and needs of the customers. The best way to figure out how much it would cost for your home is to set up a meeting with us to discuss what you’re looking for in a home and what kinds of plans you are looking at. From there we can start to figure out what the costs would look like.

The nice thing about building a custom home is that, to a certain extent, we can work within your budget to get you what is most important to you. This allows you to prioritize what’s most important to you now and what you can upgrade later on if need be. For example: is it more important to you to have hardwood and tile flooring throughout? Or that extra square footage you could get with the money instead? Flooring can always be upgraded in the future if you decide you still want it. But it’s going to be a lot harder and more expensive to add that addition to your home to get the extra space later.

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What lots do you have available?

When deciding on a new community to purchase lots, we consider the design of each home relative to its impact on the entire neighbourhood. When you purchase a home from Emerald Park Homes, you buy into a unique neighbourhood and life-style. Each of our lots available for your new home build are hand picked by Garry himself to ensure that we only have the best selection available to offer you. Whatever you’re looking for, we will do our very best to find the perfect lot for you: acreage, walk-out, water backing, green space backing, pie-shaped, and more.

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How long does it take to build my new home?

Typically, a pre-designed home will require 10-12 months, during our building season, to construct. Due to weather conditions, foundations are typically started in April through to the end of November.

The time required to complete custom designed homes varies depending on the amount of time spent on the design, the size of the home, any special features or products, etc.

Either way, at the completion of the design phase, we will be able to provide a more accurate estimated completion date to you based on your specific home.

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How does the process of selecting and designing plans work?

There are two ways of going about this. 1) Our customers can select their new home from pre-designed plans and make a few changes to customize them, or 2) Our customers can make use of our custom design program and start from scratch. Each option has distinct advantages.

  1. Pre-designed homes, in which you choose a plan that has already been drawn up, offers the convenience of being able to look through pre-drawn plans at our office as well as see photos of what the finished result would look like. Our customers are able to then take these pre drawn plans and work with a designer to make minor changes and adjustments to in order to suit their unique needs and lifestyle.
  2. The custom design program affords our customers the opportunity to build a home completely from scratch to meet their specific requirements. With guidance from our designers, homes are ensured to fit tastefully within the neighbourhood, while allowing our customers to shape the design according to their own specific needs and desires.
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How do payments work?

A typical payment schedule includes:

  • A deposit to hold the specific lot that you have chosen while we work on preliminary pricing plans with you; once we have the new home specifications and construction plans approved by you, we will be ready to sign a contract.
  • The contract will require a 10% down payment upon signing, so we can confirm with our suppliers to hold their quotes while we commence construction.
  • After that, we have flexible options such as 2 or 3 progress payments based on key project milestones or we can negotiate and provide financing right up until possession date. (On Approved Credit). This allows purchasers the freedom to focus on selling their existing property without incurring extra interim bank financing.
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How do I know your price is competitive?

Building a custom home is a big investment, probably one of the largest investments we make in our lives. If you are comparing prices from different builders, make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. Make sure you compare the different quotes side by side to make sure what you are getting from each builder is the same. What often happens is that another builder’s price may come in cheaper, but the quote or contract doesn’t have a lot of details and you only find out once you start building that there are hidden costs or a lot of extras.

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How can I be sure that my cost is fixed and there are no surprises?

With Emerald Park Homes, you are in control of your costs at all times.

Once you decide on a plan, you are assured of the final price from the very outset. Price changes are only required if you add or delete features from the new home specifications that were presented to you when you signed the contract. Such upgrades can be priced out for you at the quoting stage, so that you know the final price of the home before you  decide to sign the contract. Or, if you decide to upgrade during construction, we can provide you with an upgraded price per item and if you agree, we will make the change if the original feature hasn’t already been ordered or installed.

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What kind of after sales service is included?

By selecting Emerald Park Homes, clients are guaranteed a total commitment to service and quality construction, regardless of location, style or size of home. Every year since our formation over 27 years ago, the Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program has awarded Emerald Park Homes with an Award for excellent customer service.

Although everyone one of our homes undergoes several quality control inspections throughout various stages of construction, by the builder, site supervisors, a municipal inspector and the Holmes Approved Home Program Inspector, the customer may encounter the odd problem that is noticed after the home is occupied.

Our policy is to correct such problems as soon as possible. Of course, we do our best to minimize any disturbance or disruption to our customer’s daily routine as a result of service work.  The true test of quality for any home is how it stands up over the years.

All our homes are covered under the Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program which offers deposit coverage, one year workmanship and materials coverage, two year water penetration coverage, and ten year major structural defects coverage.

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